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Apple Soup

Winter is almost here and all that you want is a bowl full of soup to keep you warm. Autumn Winter brings with it so many great produce, apple being one of them. So here is a great recipe of a soup using apples. Yes!! You heard it right, APPLE SOUP!!


Time: 25 – 30 Minutes                          Serves: 2 people


KitchenAid Stainless Steel Skillet 
KitchenAid Measuring Cups
KitchenAid Cordless Hand blender



– Apple: 1 no.

–  Potatoes (medium sized): 2 nos

– Garlic Clove: 6 nos

– Freshly ground pepper :  1 tablespoon

–  Milk: 1/2 cup

– Olive oil:  2 tablespoons

– Salt to taste

– Fresh Cream for garnish:  1 tablespoons

– Pumpkin seeds for garnish




– In your,  Stainless Steel Skillet heat the oil and add freshly ground pepper. Once it crackles, add chopped garlic and let it brown a little.

– Add peeled and chopped apple and potato cubes to this and saute for a minute.

– Cover and cook till the Apple and potato are cooked and soft. Measure with your measuring cups and add salt, milk and a cup of water to this and just boil for a minute.

– Switch off the flame and let it cool a little.

– Put the mixture into the Cordless Hand blender‘s pitcher and using an S blade, puree the mixture till smooth.



– Pour it into the serving bowls, top it with a dollop of fresh cream, some pumpkin seeds and ground some fresh pepper over it.

-Serve it warm.


RECIPE CREDIT: Madhuri Aggarwal (Blog Name: MADaboutkitchen)

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