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Cappuccino Walnut Brownie

Serves: 4
Prep Time -2hrs
Chocolate base



– Flour: 70 gm/half cup
– Baking Soda: 4 gm/2 pinch
– Dark Chocolate: 100 gm/3/4 cup
– Butter: 280 gm/1 cup
– Sugar: 280 gm/1 ½ cup
– Walnut: 280 gm/2 ½ c
– Cocoa Powder: 10 gm/1 tablespoon
– Fresh Eggs: 2


– Sieve all the dry ingredients except walnuts.
– Melt the butter and sugar on the cooking range but do not make it too hot.
– Incorporate this butter mixture with chocolate nicely.
– Let the temperature go down then add in fresh eggs.
– Fold in rest of the dry ingredients and last add in crush (coarse) walnuts.
– Make nice homogenised mix and pour in lined baking tray.
– Baking temperature:180 *C For30 to 35 min



– Dark Chocolate: 321 gm/2 cups
– Fresh Eggs: 160 gm/3 each
– Sugar: 50 gm/2 tablespoon
– Whip Cream: 550 gm/2 ½ cups
– Gelatine: 14 gms/1 tablespoon


– Soak the Gelatine in cold water.
– Melt the chocolate on double boiler and keep it on the side.
– Start whipping eggs in KitchenAid Stand Mixer
– Boil the sugar at soft ball consistency and add in whisking eggs
– Let this mixture whip nicely until it becomes double in volume.
– Fold this mixture in melted chocolate very carefully and finally fold in semi whip cream.
– Melt the soaked gelatine in microwave and fold in chocolate mousse.
– Make sure do not over mix to retain the volume.



– Milk: 200ml/1  cup
– Gelatine: 10 gm/2 teaspoon
– White Chocolate: 370 gm/2 ½ cups
– Semi Whip Cream: 550 gm/2 ½ cups
– Coffee Powder: 12 gm/2 teaspoon


– Soak the gelatine in cold water.
– Melt the chocolate on double boiler (do not overheat)
– Add Luke warm milk to this chocolate mix nice until you get nice homogenised texture.
– Fold in this mixture with whip cream (avoid over mixing )
– Add in diluted coffee and fold in melted gelatine.



– Water: 310 ml/1 ½ cups
– Sugar: 400 gm/2cups
– Cocoa Powder: 135 gm/1cup
– Gelatine: 25 gm/12teaspoon
– Dark Chocolate:  160 gm/1cup
– Cream:  5 gm/2teaspoon


– Soak gelatine in cold water.
– Boil water,sugar,cocoa powder and cream.
– Add in this mixture to chocolate and finally add in melted gelatine
– Strain this mixture twice to avoid any lumps and freeze.


– Take square mould for assembling.

– Keep walnut brownie as a base.

– Give a layer of Royal chocolate mousse and freeze it.

– Finally give a layer of cappuccino mousse.

– Freeze this pastry nicely for about 2-3 hrs.

– Remove from mould and glaze with chocolate glaze.

– Cut the pastry portion wise and serve.


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