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Chinese Bhel

Chinese Bhel Puri is a popular Indo-Chinese street food. The crispy noodles are combined with sauces and vegetables to create the dish. The flavors of Chinese Bhel Puri are quite balanced and has the right amount of sweetness along with spiciness. We have used KitchenAid Pro Line Cordless Hand Blender to chop vegetables for the Chinese Bhel Puri.



– KitchenAid Pro Line Hand Blender

Serves: 4 

Time taken: 30 minutes.



– Noodles: 150 gms

– Onion (large): 1 no.

– Capsicum (large): 1 no.

– Cabbage (small): 1 no.

– Green chili: 1 no.

– half a bunch of coriander leaves

– Schezwan sauce: 2 tablespoons

– Tomato sauce: 1 teaspoon

– Salt to taste

– Juice of half a lemon

– Oil to deep fry the noodles



– Chop all the vegetables together including coriander leaves using Kitchenaid Pro Line Cordless Hand Blender.

Hand Blender

– Boil the noodles in hot water until half cooked, drain the water and wash it under cold water to prevent more cooking. Once the noodles have cooled down, toss the noodles in a tablespoon of oil.

– Heat oil in a wide frying pan over medium heat.

– Once the oil is preheated deep fry the boiled noodles in small batches till they turn crispy.

Boiled Noodles


– Transfer to a plate and set aside. Similarly, fry all the noodles.

– The next step is to make the Chinese Bhel. Into a large bowl stir in all the vegetable and sauces and the noodles.

– Combine everything together. Taste and adjust the seasoning. Drizzle lemon juice.

Chinese Bhel

– Serve Chinese Bhel Puri immediately.

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