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Chocolate Oreo Frappe

For many food lovers around the globe, chocolate is the most pleasurable food to eat. Chocolate has a magical component which can make anybody fall in love with it. Today chocolate is one of the highly commercialized foods and is also masterfully processed into variety of confectioneries like chocolate bars, truffles, cakes, cookies, candies, ice creams and so on. Chocolate is produced from the seeds or bean of Cacao tree, which is popularly known as Cocoa Bean. It takes around 10 years for a Cacao tree to produce fruit. The humble Cacao beans are transformed into Cocoa powder, Cocoa liquer and chocolate.


All chocolate that we buy has been tempered during production to perfect its consistency and glossy appearance. When it comes to using chocolate in cooking, these are the following types of chocolate most commonly used by chefs all over the world – unsweetened pure chocolate, bittersweet/semisweet chocolate, milk chocolate, compound chocolate and the white chocolate, the factors which differentiate all these varieties with each other is the percentage of Cocoa mass, coco butter, sugar and additional ingredients like milk solids, vanilla, lecithin present in the chocolate. Each variety has it’s own flavor profile and peculiar use in culinary world so one cannot be substituted with the other.


Here is a simple recipe of Chocolate Oreo Frappe using three different products made using Cocoa bean – Coffee, Chocolate Syrup and Chocolate Cookie. The amount of sugar to be added in the recipe is not defined, it depends on personal taste preference, usually 1-2 tbsp is sufficient.

Chocolate Oreo Frappe

Chocolate Oreo Frappe

Yield: Serves 2


– 500ml milk, chilled
– 1 heaped teaspoon of instant coffee powder
– 50g vanilla ice cream
– 1/4 Cup chocolate syrup
– 2 – 3 oreo cookies
– Granulated white sugar, as per taste


For serving:

– Whipped cream
– Chocolate Syrup
– 4 – 5 Crushed Oreo cookies



– Fill KitchenAid cordless blender’s jar with milk, sugar, coffee, ice cream, cookies and chocolate syrup.

– With the S-blade, blend the frappe until the ingredients re combined well.

– Add cookies in the Chopper attachment and whiz once to get coarse chunks of cookies.

– Pour into serving glasses and top with whipped cream, drizzle chocolate syrup on top of cream and finish with crushed cookie chunks.

– Serve chilled.


Note: You can whip fresh cream with the Whisk attachment.



About the author Hina Gujral

Hina Gujral  blogs at Fun, Food and Frolic. She was a financial analyst with a MBA degree up her sleeves until she realized food is where her calling lay. She is based in Bangalore and loves gardening, reading and running behind her pug – Momo. Follow Hina’s food adventures here: www.funfoodandfrolic.blogspot.in

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