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Chocolate Passion Parfait with Apple Marinade

Chocolate Parfait

 Chef Lokesh Swami is the Sous Chef at The Leela, Gurgaon . He shares his star recipe for CHOCOLATE PASSION PARFAIT WITH APPLE MARMALADE.


COOKING TIME | 20 mins

SERVES | 8-10


Chocolate Gene Biscuit:

– Egg yolk : 375 gms
– Castor sugar : 320 gms
– Egg white : 375 gms
– Castor sugar : 75 gms
– Cocoa powder : 125 gms
– Flour : 185 gms
– Toasted hazelnuts : 185 gms
– Melted butter : 125 gms


– Using the table top KitchenAid stand mixer, whip sugar and egg yolks. Keep aside.

– Make meringue with egg whites and 75 Gms of sugar.

– Change the attachment to a paddle and gradually fold in cocoa powder and flour. Follow it by pouring the egg yolk mixture.

– Fold in the melted butter and pour the mixture on a baking tray.

– Sprinkle it with toasted hazelnuts.

– Bake at 180 deg for 15-17 mins.

Chocolate Parfait:

– Sugar : 150 gms
– Water : 75 gms
– Egg yolk : 250 gms
– Whole eggs : 150 gms
– Valrhona (72%Araguani) : 500 gms
– Elle Vire cream (whipped) : 750 gms


– Make a bombe paste, using the balloon whisk attachment on KitchenAid Stand Mixer with egg yolks, sugar and water at 121 degrees.

– Melt chocolate at 40 degree Celsius .Melt gelatin separately

– Add the gelatin to the bombe mix. Add part of Chocolate to the bombe mixture and then mix the remaining part.

–  Fold in the cream part by part.

Apple Marmalade:

– Peeled apples : 350 gms
– Castor sugar : 110 gms
– Liquid glucose : 80 gms
– Cinnamon stick : 4 gms


– In a pan cook peeled, diced apples with sugar, glucose, and cinnamon stick. Set aside for plating.


– In a frame set the bottom layer with chocolate biscuit.

– Pour the chocolate parfait and set in a refrigerator.

– Demould and cut into small pastries. Garnish it with chocolate curls.

–  Put the parfait on the plate and paint it with passion fruit sauce and apple marmalade on the side.

– Garnish with chocolate and fresh mint just before serving.

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