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Chocolate Soufflé Recipe

Chocolate Soufflé

Chef Vinesh Johny, Executive Chef Lavonne India shares his decadent Chocolate Soufflé  recipe.
Soufflé is basically a cream sauce base combined with meringue. Different ingredients are then added to this combination, and in our recipe, we’ve used chocolate and orange liquor.

It’s easy, elegant and allows for a lot of experimenting with flavour. And thanks to how light it is, makes for a perfect post-meal dessert.



– Orange juice 500 ml
– Egg yolk 144g
– Castor Sugar 120 g
– Flour 90g
– Dark chocolate 240g
– Orange liquor 60ml
– Butter melted as needed
– Castor sugar as needed
– Icing sugar to decorate


Note: Brush down the ramekins with butter and coat well castor sugar. Keep in fridge till needed.



– Warm the orange juice.


– Whisk the yolk with 90 g sugar. After this, whisk in the flour and warm orange juice.

orange 2

– Cook on low heat till it thickens. Do not bring it to a boil.

– Stir in the warm chocolate. We’ve used Callebaut chocolate to attain that perfectly balanced richness.

orange 3

– Once this is well mixed, stir in the orange liquor. Allow the whole mix to cool down .


– Whip up the egg white with 30g of the sugar in parts to make a stiff meringue.

ornage 5

– Fold this mix into the cooled chocolate base. Pipe into the ramekins and smoothen the top.


– Bake at 210 C for 12 minutes, till you can see that it has risen and the top is golden brown. With soufflé, make sure you DO NOT touch to check done-ness, or the soufflé might collapse.


– As a final touch, sprinkle icing sugar on top and serve immediately.





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