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Diwali special Dried Apricot And Khoya Samosas

Diwali Recipes

Light up your home with Chef Kunal Kapor’s Diwali special recipe. The sweetness of Khoya blends perfectly with dried apricots to create a treat that will delight your taste buds.


– Refined flour: 500 gms
– Clarified Butter (Desi ghee):100gms
– Salt: a pinch
– khoya*: 250 gms
– Sugar: 70 gms
– Fennel seeds: 2 teaspoon
– Pistachio (chopped): handful
– Dried apricots (chopped): 4 tablespoon
– Oil: for frying
– Rose water: few drops
– Icing sugar: for dusting


– Add refined flour and pinch of salt in the KitchenAid stand mixer with a dough kneader attachment. On the slowest speed start the mixer and add the clarified butter gradually. Allow the flour and butter to rub together and become

– Now pour in about ¾ cup of water and make into stiff dough. Remove the dough and allow resting for 10 minutes.

– In the meantime heat a pan and add the khoya, fennel seeds, sugar, and chopped pistachio and chopped apricots. Cook on low heat till all the grain sugar is dissolved. Turn off the heat, add rose water and remove to a plate and cool.

– Now take the dough and using the KitchenAid pasta maker attachment roll out into thin sheets. Now attach the ravioli attachment and add the khoya stuffing and make in to nice ravioli shaped samosa. Repeat till all the dough and stuffing is used.

– Heat oil in a deep pan and fry the samosas till golden brown. Place the samosa on a plate and sprinkle icing sugar, serve hot or cold

– *use fresh and drained ricotta instead of ricotta
chef kunal kapur



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