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Diwali Offers

Dohra Mulligatawny

Our Chef Of The Fortnight, Gautam Chaudhry, Executive Chef at The Grand, New Delhi is known for his global yet local cuisine. The blend of Mustard Seeds, coconut milk and other spices will make you fall in love with it.

No. of Portions: 4


– Toor Lentil: 350 gm
– Desi Ghee: 50 gm
– Mustard Seeds: 5 gm
– Curry Leaves: 2 sprigs
– Ginger (Chopped): 10 gm
– Green Chili (Slit): 5 gm
– Black Peppercorns: 5 gm
– Green Apple: 50 gm
– Curry Powder: 6 gm
– Coconut Milk: 80 ml
– Salt: To Taste
– Boiled Rice: 60 gm
– Beetroot Puree: 60 gm
– Lemon Juice: 30 ml
– Pepper Mill: 1


– Soak toor lentil and leave it aside for 2 hours.

– Take some ghee in a pot and heat. Once it is hot crackle mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger, peppercorn and green chili.

– Stir for two minutes then add sliced green apple and sauté well.

– Add soaked toor lentil with water, salt and curry powder. Boil till the lentil is cooked.

– Blend the mixture into smooth consistency in a KitchenAid Diamond Blender and divide the fluid in two parts.

– Add beetroot puree to one half and then stir in coconut milk to both pans.

– Cook for another ten minutes and finish with freshly grounded pepper and lemon juice.

– In the meanwhile add some seasoning to boiled rice and make small dumplings.

– Take both soups in individual sauce boats.

– Pour both soups together on a soup plate with rice dumpling on the plate as accompaniment.

– You will have on the plate the classical Mulligatawny and it’s beetroot re-incarnation.

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