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Dulce de leche Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker

Homemade dulce de leche turned into a rich, smooth ice cream without using an ice cream-maker. I think I’ve just summed up all the reasons why you should be making this ice cream, right away!

Ice cream 1

I’ve made a few batches of this ice cream over the last few weeks, tinkering with the amount of dulce de leche added to the ice cream base, and as much as I love dulce de leche, turns out that there can be too much of a good thing.  Add too much of it to the base, and you’ll end up with just mushiness of cream and dulce de leche that won’t even be close to the texture of ice cream.  Finally, with this recipe, I’ve adjusted the amount to just the right quantities of dulce de leche, milk and cream to give it the perfect gelato-like texture.

Ice cream 2

This is really 2 posts rolled into one. First we make dulce de leche from a can of condensed milk, followed by the ice cream. Dulce de leche is nothing but a rich caramel of milk and sugar. You could make this from scratch with milk, but that would take hours of hands-on time. It’s much easier to make it from a can of condensed milk that you need to check on at regular intervals. Submerge it horizontally in a pan of water, bring it to a boil, cover and let it simmer away for 2 hours. It’s super important to check on the water level in the pan, it must always be at least an inch above the can, or else my friends, you risk an explosion.

icecream 3

And when the can has cooled, this is what you will find inside!

icecream 4

Measure out about half of the dulce de leche in a pan with milk and brown sugar, and whisk it constantly, don’t even take your eyes off for a second, until it’s one smooth mixture. Let it cool completely.

icecream 5

In the meantime, we whip the cream until it starts to thicken and is just shy of the soft-peak stage.  Add the cooleddulce de leche mixture to the cream, and if you use the KitchenAidArtisan Stand Mixer like I did, use the whisk attachment and whisk for 10 on medium speed minutes or until you have a thick mixture.

icrecream 6

I always use a loaf pan to set ice cream. Remember this Salted Caramel Frozen Yogurt? This one is a 9-inch by 5-inch pan that’s tightly wrapped with cling film and left in the freezer for about 6 hours. I like to eat mine with some of the leftover dulce de leche that didn’t go into the ice cream.

Serves 4 to 6

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