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Easy Pickled Red Radishes

These are tangy pickled red radishes or lal mooli that get ready in next to no time and delightful to taste.

Winter is the best season for these in North India as they are available by the cartload. The recipe is simple as it is exciting to the palate. It is also fat-free and adds great taste to the dish. Use the in sandwiches, as part of a salad, as a side to your main dish, or as a topping on bruschetta with a cheese and chives etc.


Total time: 5 minutes         Serving: 1 jar


– KitchenAid Box Grater



– Red radishes (washed): 8-10 nos.

– Garlic (peeled): 1 head

– Green chilies:  2-4 nos. or to taste

– White vinegar: 2/3 cup

– Sugar:  1/4 cup

– Rock salt: 1 teaspoon

KA Red radishesGV8A8132



– Top and tail the radishes.

– Using a KitchenAid Box Grater, finely slice the red radishes, and garlic cloves.

KA Red radishesGV8A8123

– Wash and pat dry the chilies, then slit them in length.

– Place radishes, garlic and green chilies in a glass jar.

– In a measuring cup, whisk together the vinegar, sugar and salt.

– Pour over the contents in the jar. Shut jar tightly, and shake.

KA Red radishesPickled Red Radishes 2

– Stand for 2-3 hours or overnight in the fridge. The pickles are ready to eat.

– Store in fridge for 2-3 weeks.

KA Red radishesPickled Red Radishes


Recipe Credit: Deeba Rajpal (Passionate About Baking)

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