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5 Exciting Ways to use a Cordless Hand Blender

If you were to ask me what my most used kitchen gadget is, KitchenAid’s immersion blender would top the charts! An immersion blender is probably the most handy kitchen tool and I’d say a must have if you are setting up your kitchen or upgrading it.

An immersion blender, also called a stick blender usually comes with multiple attachments that can help you chop, puree, whisk, dice, whip etc. This means that it does the job of multiple kitchen appliances without taking up even half the space that the rest of them do.

I’ve tried quite a few immersion blenders before zeroing in on KitchenAid because of the handy set of attachments that it comes up. Now I hardly take out my mixer grinder, or hand blender, or blending jar because most things that I need to do in the kitchen are done by my immersion blender.

Because I love it so much, I’ve now put together a list of five exciting ways that you can use your immersion blender. I have to tell you that KitchenAid’s immersion blender also comes with a chopper which can do an additional set of things, but today I only wanted to concentrate on the stick blender and show you how versatile it is.


KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender

Making Smoothie

I’m sure everyone is familiar with this way of using an immersion blender. It’s the easiest way to make smoothies. I love whipping up a Strawberry Coconut smoothie which is thick, luscious and really creamy. I start with frozen strawberries, add some coconut milk, a sweetener and the just blend it all up.

Try this vegan strawberry banana coconut smoothie to start with.

Exciting ways to use an Immersion Blender_Smoothie

Homemade Mayonnaise

Making mayonnaise in my immersion blender is my favourite thing to do. I’m not a fan of store bought mayo because it’s usually loaded with preservatives and chemicals that are not good for your body. Making mayonnaise at home with an immersion blender is really the easiest thing to do. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to buying mayonnaise again!

Exciting ways to use an Immersion Blender_Mayonnaise

Homemade Pesto

You might be surprised at how you can make really creamy pesto at home. Most people have a misconception that an immersion blender can only be used with liquids, but I’ve made pesto with walnuts and very little liquid to start with, and it still does a good job. Check out my recipe for a vegan basil walnut pesto if you want to try making your own!

Exciting ways to use an Immersion Blender_Pesto

Homemade Salsa

When you want homemade salsa, the immersion blender is the way to go! It makes the best chunky salsa you’ll ever have. Definitely better than a blender or a food processor. And it lets you easily control how chunky or smooth your salsa should be.

Exciting ways to use an Immersion Blender_Salsa

Whisk Eggs

This may sounds really basic to you but most people end up using a fork or hand whisk for whisking eggs. Whereas if you are making a large batch of eggs for a frittata or a quiche or even an omelette using the whisk attachment on KitchenAid’s immersion blender makes the job really easy, and gives you perfectly whisked, creamy eggs every single time.

Exciting ways to use an Immersion Blender_Beat Eggs

Do you have any other exciting things you like to do with your immersion blender? I actually have tons of different ideas that I still want to share with you so maybe a part two is in order!

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