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The “Wonderful Permanent” Feeling!  

By Huzan Bhaya

Cakes, biscuits, meringues to mince meat…! They all are created in my KitchenAid Stand Machines that sit like 2 ornaments on my kitchen top! But they are just not decorative pieces! They create “magic” so effortlessly! I am the proud owner of 2 KitchenAid Stand machines!. Wow!  Pinch Me!.  I love my Kitchen Aid Machines & each has a story to tell!

My sister & me would bake with a hand whisk and would constantly plead our mother for a ‘cake machine’, off course at that time she thought it was too expensive to buy. Aunt Prema knew my desire for a machine and told Devika, my childhood friend about it. A few days later Devika, called me from the US where she was studying and in passing said “I will get you a KitchenAid, that’s what all Americans use here to bake”

The other day my friend Tina was visiting me and she had a cake that I baked. She loved it and the conversation about KitchenAid started. She had saved money to buy  one for her mom who loved to bake. She took me home where I saw it for the first time. Love at first sight I must say!

Tina’s mom Aunty Katy passed away, a couple of years later, and Tina gave me the KitchenAid as a gift in memory of her mother!. I was thrilled and tears rolled down my cheeks. I brought it home!. I was the proud owner of my first KitchenAid Stand Machine!

Few years later, Devika visited me. I came home from work and there she was waiting…. to see the joy on my face when she handed over to me the KitchenAid Stand Machine, that she had promised……… years ago!. My heart throbbed with delight and my arms flung around her!. My second KitchenAid!. Imagine….! .

I am so, so thankful to my friends Devika and Tina, for bringing into my life the “Wonderful Permanent” feeling…to be able to …..Create…..and serve on the table, my ever hungry family!

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