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Dates are the fruit of date palm tree, native to North Africa and the Middle East One of the sweetest fruits found. It is very rightly called Natures Candy! Dates have a rich caramel like flavor, although the are mostly eaten dry, under the wrinkled skin is soft, chewy flesh.

In India Dates grow well in the northern part near the Pakistan border, Rajasthan, Select areas in Punjab, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. The best ones are still imported. Bahri is a variety available here that’s eaten fresh. Khajur, Medjool and Ajwa are the most popular.

Dates maybe as sweet as candy but are packed with nutrients and health benefits! It is the perfect pre workout snack as it is loaded with natural sugars, just a little can give you that energy kick.

Date-ing Guide

– When selecting dates pick plump and even colored ones.
– All dates have a single long seed, Dates can be oblong or round
– They should not look extremely dry or withered
– Don’t Buy dates that have developed sugar crystals on the exterior, it’s a sign the flesh is dry and leathery
– Fresh dates can keep for 2 weeks under refrigeration
– Dry dates can be kept in a cool place away from sunlight in an airtight container for several months and up to a year under refrigeration


Make Your Date More Exciting 

– Slit them lengthwise, remove seed and fill with almonds or walnut or any dried fruits or nuts you fancy
– Stuff Dates with cheese, for a great addition to your cheese boards
– Simply accompany your cup of tea or coffee with dates and you will need no sugar
– Soft date flesh can be mixed with dark chocolate and crushed biscuits, rolled into a log. Chill and cut into bite size pieces for the perfect snack to carry in your bag
– Healthy date ladoos loaded with chopped nuts for festive gifting and weddings are ideal. No Guilt! Great Taste!
– Dessert Cannelloni- Sheet out date flesh between cling wrap, cut strips, stuff with a mix of ricotta and pistachio and roll

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