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Diwali Offers

Ingredient of the month: Strawberry

These luscious, plump, red, heart shaped berries are a favorite with many.  In France where they are believed to be an aphrodisiac, strawberries are served up for breakfasts to newly weds.

The best strawberries are fleshy and juicy in texture, tart yet sweet. These berries are not only gorgeous but full of goodness.  A delight for everyone when is season. Bakers, restaurants revolve specials and menus around them. They take over completely around Valentines day and make the ideal love gift.

The strawberry season in India is November through March. Be sure to stock up while they last.


Tips & Techniques to store your strawberries

– Once harvested strawberries do not ripen. Make sure to pick the ripest ones. Firm, bright, flesh with no mold and bruises.

– Shop with your nose. Deliciously sweet fruit will have a floral sweet aroma.

– Big Strawberries can be tempting-Avoid and reach out for the smaller ones. They will be sweeter and more flavorful.

– Do not wash strawberries until you are ready to use or eat them.

– Moisture is the enemy. Dry in a salad spinner after washing to get rid of excess moisture.


– Strawberries taste best at room temperature

– In the Fridge store in a single layer over paper towel in an airtight container.


Fun with berries – Strawberry Styling

– Pimp up your Breakfast! Layer a tall glass with your favorite cereal, honey, yogurt and the little red jewels.


– Use frozen whole strawberries as ice cubes for glam cocktails

– Add a sweet, tart twist to your winter salads. Strawberry and balsamic, Strawberry and basil, Strawberry and pepper – just a few pairings that are a must try!

– You can never go wrong with Dark Chocolate and Strawberry. Warm up your big gatherings and dress your table with pots of dark chocolate to share and whole berries to dip.

dark straw

– This Valentines day gift edible bouquets of Strawberries dipped in tempered chocolate

– No brainer! A Red and White color scheme is intense yet subtle, elegant with a festive pop of color. Strawberries and cream, Pavlova and berries, Stawberry Cheesecake is just that.

21 arrange berries

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