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Diwali Offers

Ingredient of the month: Chocolate

There is nothing more heavenly than good chocolate.

Food of the Gods

There is nothing more heavenly than good chocolate!

Chocolate is made from the cacao bean.  Its Latin name ‘Theobroma Cacao’, very rightly means food of the gods. We all recognize chocolate as the solid, hard shiny delicacy, but that was not always the case. Until the beginning the 20th century, chocolate was a liquid drink, reserved solely for the most privileged classes.

Chocolate is a mixture of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar and/or milk, lecithin and vanilla. Chocolate contains up to 31% cocoa butter, making it perfect for mousses, ganaches and praline fillings. Chocolate is available in dark, milk and white.


Temperature Guide

Storage temperature:  15ºC, store in a dry area and keep out light and air (do not store with strong smelling foods)
Melting Temperature: 45ºC
Room Temperature: 20ºC, ideal temperature for working environment
Processing Temperature: 31-32ºC for dark chocolate, 30-31ºC milk chocolate, 28-29ºC white chocolate

Fun Facts

– The fact is chocolate is the best thing on earth!
What’s there not to love about it?
When you are upset what to you do? Grab chocolate!
When you are hungry, what do you do? Grab chocolate!
Its satisfying, it’s comforting.
It’s yummy!

– The smell of chocolate increases Theta Brain Waves, which induces relaxation. That’s why we feel better about our problems after eating loads of it

– Eating chocolate everyday reduces the risk of heart disease by 1/3rd

– Chocolate has over 600 flavour compounds, while red wine has just 200.

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