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Diwali Offers

Ingredient Of The Month: Jaggery

In the simplest terms, jaggery might be referred to as a simple unrefined sugar concentrate obtained from raw sugarcane juice. It also includes unrefined sugars made from the sap of palms like Date palm, Palmyra, Toddy palm and a few other plants.

The goodness of jaggery as a sweetener cannot be understated. With traces on fiber, jaggery is rich in minerals and vitamins. In comparison, unrefined white sugar lacks all of these. A darker color indicates a higher mineral content, better nutritive value. So the darker the jaggery, the higher the iron, the better it is for health. Since it is a more complex sugar, it releases energy gradually into the blood, not leading to a sudden sugar spike. Opting for it instead of refined white sugar is definitely a good idea!

– Better than sugar

– Local remedy for colds and coughs {traditionally used as a respiratory tract cleanser}

– Cooling effect on body {used in native coolers}

– Warming effect too {in winter}

– Anti-inflammatory

– Antioxidant

– Iron rich


A Few Quick Serving Ideas

– Substitute sugar for jaggery in recipes. Recipes might need some level of experimentation, but think of the goodness it brings!

–  Do a simple jaggery based dressing for a salad – Grated jaggery, water, lime juice, tamarind pulp, soy sauce. Balance ingredients as you like, letting the tamarind bring in the sourness, while the jaggery and lime balance the flavors!

– Keep jaggery on hand for that little snacky nibble or guiltless dessert after dinner. A low-calorie snack which is a powerhouse of nutrients with magnesium, iron, folates, eat them by the handful!

– Try this recipe for Ginger Jaggery Wholewheat Tea Cakes

– Make summer coolers with jaggery eg panakka, jaljeera, kokum cooler etc

– Desserts with jaggery -Palm jaggery icecream, Nolan Gur rasmalai or kheer, Nolun Gur Panna Cotta, Makhane ki Kheer, Puran poli etc



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