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Kitchen Hassles Made Easy

Kitchen Hassles Made Easy

Must-know kitchen hacks for every food artisan!

Though the thought of cooking may generate polar responses among people, it would not be a wild leap of thoughts to say that, when the stars are all lined up, we all like to try our hand at cooking. Such is the drive of the taste buds craving for some action. Many a time, however, we let our cravings take a back seat or order something from the nearest restaurant, just to avoid the “hassles” and “tediousness” involved in bringing about some culinary magic. But what if we say we are here to help you make some of the most arduous kitchen tasks, as easy as ABC? Wouldn’t cooking be a whole lot more fun? On that note, let’s look at how you can ease your life in the kitchen and bring out your A-game, without breaking a sweat. Read on.

Never Cook a Rotten Egg Again

Despite the poultry industry’s best efforts to make their flagship product timeless, the average lifespan of eggs is deteriorating by the day. Have you ever boiled or fried an egg only to lose your appetite by its stench? Let go of that feeling, for good. You can check whether an egg is edible by simply dipping it in a bowl of water. If the egg sinks, it is good to go. If it floats, you know where the bin is!

Peeling Garlic a Trouble No More

Almost every food connoisseur loves the aroma of fresh garlic, but not many have the courage to go through the agony of peeling garlic bulbs. And being out of options, we settle for garlic paste that is never a match of the real thing. To peel garlic bulbs without having to battle it out, simply put shelled bulbs into a mason jar, put the lid on, shake vigorously until all the layers of the skin come off. Simple.

Freedom from Guarding the Saucepan

One of the most boring tasks in the kitchen is standing, all alone, doing nothing but keeping an eye on the saucepan to keep the contents from overboiling. We all have been there, which also explains the scarce volunteers one can find, when the task at hand is to make tea for a group. Take your eyes off and never miss any part of the fun, by simply putting a wooden spoon over the pan to prevent overboiling.

Chill Drinks Faster than Ever

Whether we talk about built-in refrigerators or standard ones, they all take some time to chill drinks, which often diminishes the joy of sharing a bite with the loved ones. If you too find yourself short on time and the guests are on their way, simply wrap a damp paper towel around the bottle of the beverage you want to chill and put it in the freezer compartment for about 5 to 10 minutes, depending upon how chilled you want it to be.

Soften Butter in Minutes

So you are already late for work and the frozen butter that you just took out from the refrigerator is simply refusing to honour that rather blunt edge of your butter knife – of course, heating or microwaving it will only crystallize the salt. What do you do? The next time it happens to you, warm up a small glass using warm water or microwave, and put it over the butter. Wait for a couple of minutes to get the perfect texture, ready to be spread!

Parting Words

Life in the kitchen may be laced with challenges, but with the right approach, no mountain is too high to climb. You, however, also need to have the right equipment that allows you to bring your culinary inspirations to life. That is when you need an expert such as KitchenAid. Since inception, we have been committed to easing the lives of culinary artists and each of our product is a testament of that. If you liked what you read or would like to share your own hacks too, feel free to use the comments section.

Until next time, happy cooking!

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