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Now this post was a heartfelt anecdote by a baker named Jeyadra Vijayselvan from Bangalore. Jeyadra is a Data Specialist by profession and a home baker by passion. She devotes long hours towards baking after her day job, Her extreme passion and love towards baking made her religiously dedicate 8 hours every day after the full-time job, letting her create wonderful cakes, breads and more. All these sweet creations made ‘Jeyadra’ a house hold name in her neighborhood. Seeing the talent she possesses, her family and friends encouraged her to take her baking out of the 4 walls of the kitchen. What better way than to have a Facebook page with all her bakes. Now her page is a year old and is named Cupcakes, Cakes & Cookies.

“The last one year I have been using two hand blenders, one in each hand most of the time, using one hand to blend chocolate cake and the other to whip cream. I have always been aspiring to buy the legendary KitchenAid Stand Mixer, my eyes were set on the machine but it was a matter of investment, so I did not hurry”, says Jeyadra. She continued using the hand blenders for hours of months, not knowing that the strong vibrations of the hand blenders will one day affect her shoulder and neck, which in turn caused her ‘Second Stage of Cervical Spine Disc Prolapse’. This syndrome affects the nerves of the spinal cord, exposing the person to excruciating pain and a complete bed rest.

Jeyadra also loves teaching as much as she loves baking, so combining both her passions; she used to conduct baking workshops every week. But due to her medical condition she had to stop all the workshops and baking abruptly. “Baking became my addiction, and stopping from it was very depressing”, says Jeyadra. Her family and her friends knew that this medical condition was caused due to excessive baking and wrong usage of the hand blender. One of her best friends understood her passion for baking and to give her the nudge to continue her dreams (hold your hearts) gifted her the KitchenAid 4.8L Tilt Head Stand Mixer!! What then? Jeyadra recollects, “On the day when the box arrived home, I had a cervical collar in my neck, with some struggle I opened up the box and to my greatest surprise I read the dream words of a baker- “KITCHENAID”, It was an overwhelming moment and I was taken aback with tears in my eyes. This is the biggest surprise I can ever get”. She felt Happy and blessed with her new possession

Now Jeyadra is back in action, taking costumer orders and continuing workshops. KitchenAid is so helpful, and is true to its name, it actually is a perfect kitchen aid. Now I can whip the cream not just easily but to perfection. It’s a blessing for each and every baker.

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