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Layered Mango Almond Meringue Cake

Mango and cream makes for great pairing. Here’s a simple sponge with some added fat to keep it moist. I use clarified butter as I find it works really well here and is a pantry staple. The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is a boon while making sponges, since it keeps your hands free to line the tins etc. I love the size of the bowl since it allows a lot of room to gently mix in the flour etc.

The layered cake is great for a tea party, birthday and even dessert. Let it stand for a couple of hours for the flavours to mature. You can even make the layered cake a day in advance, cover and refrigerate. Top with the cream cheeses, mango, mint etc before serving.


Serves: 6-8

Total time: 1 hour plus chilling


– KitchenAid Stand Mixer

– Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

– Utility Whisk 


Layered Mango Almond Meringue Cake GV8A1168


INGREDIENTS: For Almond Genoise Sponge

– Eggs: 4 nos.

– Egg yolk : 1 nos.

– Brown sugar:  125 gms

– Pure vanilla extract: 1 teaspoon

– Almond essence: few drops

– Plain flour: 75 gms

– Baking powder: 1 teaspoon

– Salt: pinch

– Clarified butter/ghee melted (cooled): 45 gms


INGREDIENTS: For Brown Sugar Meringue Topping

– Egg white: 1 no.

– Brown sugar: 25 g

– Almonds (flaked): 2-3 tablespoons


INGREDIENTS: For Cream Cheese Filling

– Low fat cream (chilled): 400 ml

– Cream cheese: 200 gms

– Almond essence: few drops

– Icing sugar {adjust as per taste}: 75 gms

– Mangoes (diced small) {reserve 1/2 cup for topping}: 2-3

– Fresh mint and almond flakes for garnishing


METHOD: For Almond Genoise Sponge

– Preheat oven to 180C. Line the sides and bottom of 2 X 7″ round tin with parchment. Grease and dust the sides gently.

– Place 4 eggs and 1 egg yolk in the bowl of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer with 125g brown sugar and vanilla extract.

Layered Mango Almond Meringue Cake GV8A1295

– Whisk on high speed until light, very mousse like and tripled in volume, about 8-10 minutes.

– Sift the flour, baking powder and salt 2 times. Reserve.

– Place cooled clarified butter in a medium sized bowl. Reserve.

– Once the eggs are whisked and mousse like, sift over 1/3 of the flour mix and gently stir in figure 8 moves so that

– the beaten air doesn’t escape. Repeat 2 more times.

– Take about a cup of this batter and fold into bowl with melted ghee to loosen the mixture. Now turn this batter back into main batter and gently mix through taking care not to release the beaten air.

– Divide between prepared tins

– Top the batter in one tin with the brown sugar meringue spreading gently and uniformly with an offset spatula. Scatter slivered almonds over.

– Bake both together for approximately 40 minutes, until a pick inserted comes out clean.


METHOD: For Brown Sugar Meringue

– Whisk the egg whites with brown sugar on high speed to stiff peaks, about 5 minutes.

Layered Mango Almond Meringue Cake GV8A1174


METHOD: Frosting and filling

– Place chilled cream, almond essence and icing sugar in bowl of stand mixer. Whisk at highest speed for 7-9 minutes until medium stiff peaks form. Add the cream cheese and whisk to mix at the lowest speed until just incorporated.

– Adjust sweetness if required.

– Reserve one cup of the topping in a bowl in the fridge.

– Gently stir in the chopped mangoes into the remaining cream in the bowl of the stand mixer.



– Gently cut each cake into two horizontal layers. They will be moist and delicate.

Layered Mango Almond Meringue Cake GV8A1151

– Place one layer on the cake platter, top with about 1 cup of whipped cream cheese filling and mango, spread evenly.

Layered Mango Almond Meringue Cake GV8A1182

– Repeat with remaining 3 layers. {You can use a dessert ring if you like.}

Layered Mango Almond Meringue Cake GV8A1164

– Top the cake with the reserved chilled whipped cream cheese, diced mangoes, fresh mint leaves and slivered almonds.

Layered Mango Almond Meringue Cake GV8A1207

– Chill for at least half an hour or until ready to serve.

Layered Mango Almond Meringue Cake GV8A1238


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