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Diwali Offers

Mango Chia Seed Pudding

Haven’t you planned anything for your mom?? Then here is a quick, simple yet a beautiful looking dessert that you can whip up for your mom. It’s not how elaborate a dish or a meal you make for her, but it is just the effort that you put, that will matter to her. It will for sure make her day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely Moms out there!!! Have a very special day ❤️❤️



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– Chia seeds: 2 tablespoons

– Fresh cream: 1 cup

– Honey: 4 tablespoons

– Alphonso Mango: 1 nos.

– Granola/ Muesli: 1/2 cup

– Fresh berries and fruits for toppings

Mango Honey Chia Seed Pudding


– Soak Chia seeds in 1/4 cup water and let it bloom.

– Take the bloomed chia seeds, fresh cream, honey in the pitcher of the Cordless Hand Blender.

– Using the whisk give it all a good mix. Transfer it into a bowl.

– To the same pitcher, add the mango pieces and using the blender, blend it until smooth.

Mango Honey Chia Seed Pudding 4


– Add a layer of granola at the bottom of the jar.

– Top it with a layer of mango pulp.

– Then add a layer of chia cream.

– And then generously top it up with fresh berries and drizzle some honey on top.

– Isn’t it simple and yet, it looks and tastes divine. You can be experimental in the flavors and ingredients you have at hand.

Mango Honey Chia Seed Pudding 5

– Instead of mango, you can use banana, strawberry, kiwi, chocolate mousse etc. In chia seeds, you can use peanut butter, vanilla, maple syrup, chocolate or strawberries.

So this is a dessert gives you an option to explore to your imagination and creativity.


Recipe Credit: Madhuri Aggarwal (MAD About Kitchen)

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