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Mango Mini Pies

The idea of baking a pie is daunting, at least to me! I did bake tart a few times in the past but I never tried to make a pie. That golden crust, flaky texture and making sure it won’t go all droopy at the end, it’s a little intimidating! Last weekend, I finally gave it a go. I was panicking the entire time and kept a low expectation. All I could hear in my head is ‘cold cold, everything should be cold!’. With some effort and Arvind’s help, I managed to bring it all together and crossed my fingers as it baked in the oven.

After a while, it started to smell perfumy and buttery. Sigh! I peeked as the pies puffed up a little and the top turned into golden brown. Gorgeous!!

After waiting for it to cool down, I lifted the first mini pie and almost screamed with happiness. It came out neat and the Kitchen Aid mini pie pan added a beautiful design at the bottom. Next time, I have to work towards adding some design on top too! These pies might not be the prettiest looking ones but they sure did taste delicious. And the crust turned out just as I was hoping for. Flaky and so good!

The mango filling for the pies was super simple. The addition of honey and cardamom added a lovely flavor to the bite size mango pieces. Of course, you could puree the mango instead. There are a few things that I love about mini size pies. Firstly, they look really cute and secondly, we get our own little individual portions. No fighting over the last bite!



Time taken: 1 hour            Serves: 6


– KitchenAid Stand Mixer

– KitchenAid Professional-Grade Nonstick 6 -Cavity Muffin Pan


INGREDIENTS: For the Pie Crust

– All-purpose flour: 2 cups

– Salt: 1 teaspoon

– Cold butter (cut into tiny cubes): 8 tablespoons

– Ice water: ¼ cup

– Sugar: ½ tablespoon


For the Mango Filling:

– Mango (medium ripe): 1 no.

– Honey: 1 tablespoon

– Cardamom powder: ½ teaspoon



– Add flour, salt and sugar in a bowl. Next, add the butter cubes and mash it using a fork. You could also do this in KitchenAid Stand Mixer using the flat beater attachment. The mixture should look coarse. Do not over mix it and work fast as you mix butter with the flour.

– Then, pour ice water and mix it with your fingertips. If you are using KitchenAid Stand Mixer, run it in low speed until the dough forms together. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

– Transfer the dough on a flat surface and divide the portion in two rough, round balls. Cover using a clear wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes.

– In the mean time, peel the mango and cut the pulp in tiny bite sizes. Add honey and cardamom to it and give it a mix. Taste the filling and if the mango is not sweet enough, add more honey.


– Once you are ready to make the pies, take out one portion of the pie crust from the refrigerator. Place the dough on a A4 size parchment paper and press the dough lightly. Then, place another parchment on top of the dough and roll it thin to about 1/8th of an inch. Using the parchment papers will avoid the dough from sticking to the rolling pin.

– Once the dough is rolled, use a 3-inch round cookie cutter to cut 6 circles. Lift these individual circles carefully and place it in the cavity of the KitchenAid Professional-Grade Nonstick 6 -Cavity Muffin Pan. Gently press it on all the sides.

– Once you are done filling all the cavities, place the pan back into the refrigerator for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, preheat the oven to 180 C.

– Take the other portion of the pie crust dough that was resting. Roll it out the same way that you did earlier for the pie bottoms and cut 6 more circles. Once you are ready, take the KitchenAid Muffin Pan out of the refrigerator, spoon the filling and cover using the circles you made just now. Using a fork, trim it on the sides and poke on top of the pie.


– Bake it for about 25 minutes or until the crust looks golden brown.


– Just bite into is and see the vibrant golden color of mangoes (my mouth is already watering!)


– Serve warm with whipped cream on the side.



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