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Diwali Offers

Badami Paneer

By: Kankana Saxena

Soaked almonds with soaked raisins was our mandate morning munch. I never liked it but Mom would continue insisting until I picked at least a couple. My brother, on the other hand, loved it and he still follows the same ritual. When Avyan started his solids, I used to add finely powdered nuts to his baby food and now that he is a toddler, he loves to munch on plain nuts. It has made my life so easy. As for me, I am still not a fan of plain nuts but love to add in curry and desserts. It not only adds creaminess and nutrition but also brings out a robust flavor.


Masala Buns

By: Tarika Singh

I often joke about how ours is a carb-loving household. Bread, rice and potatoes ­are always on the menu around here. This is why this recipe for Masala Buns, little bread buns filled with a potato filling that you would usually find in a samosa, was an instant hit in our home. Everyone only thinks of making desserts during Diwali, but give me something savory to balance out all the sweets, and you’ve got me.


Dry Fruit Samosa

By: Kankana Saxena

Samosa is my absolutely favorite teatime snack. That flaky crust and filled with spiced boiled potatoes, always so tempting. I don’t even need a dipping sauce, just a cup of piping hot masala chai. With the festive season in full swing, we look for treats that can be made in advance and served right away when the guests arrive. This particular dry fruits and lentil samosa fits right in for such a situation. And I love it as much as the traditional samosa while pairing it with a cup of tea.


Herb Infused Grilled Lamb Chop

By: KitchenAid India

Recipe by Chef Harpreet Singh Sahai, Executive Sous Chef, Hyatt Regency, Mumbai: Herb-infused grilled lamb chop with oven roasted potato wedges and walnut ratafia


Nolen Gur Rasgulla (Cheese Balls cooked in Jaggery Syrup)

By: Kankana Saxena

The sweet scent in the air, that joyful feeling, happier faces and lots of deliciousness to indulge on! You know festive season is here. And as a Bengali, my taste buds starts craving for sweets and more sweets. It’s funny how as a kid I was never a fan of rasgulla and now I make them at home.


Eggless Mini Almond Oat Pies with Rabri Saffron Cream

By: Deeba Rajpal

Festive little bites to herald in the holiday season with flavors that are sure to please. These mini pies are whole grain, eggless and full of good flavor. Bake them and serve them just as sans the cream to feed the cookie monster at home. Use a good quality cookie tray like the KitchenAid Cookie Sheet for even baking results.


Jaggery Kulfi

By: Madhuri Aggarwal

Jaggery Kulfi is one of the best kulfis that i have made. Jaggery in itself tastes very Indian and traditional. And the earthy flavor of the earthenware adds to the richness of the Kulfi. Why not try it this Diwali?


Jaggery Cake

By: Shivesh Bhatia

These ‘easy to make’ cakes are so flavorful and versatile. I used dried blackcurrants and frozen raspberries in the cake- you can use absolutely anything you like! It is such a breeze to make them using the KitchenAid Hand Mixer.


Breakfast Cake

By: Shivesh Bhatia

I call this cake a breakfast cake because it is healthy- it uses whole wheat, it has fruits and oats and very little oil. Who said you can’t have cake for breakfast?


Bengali Basanti Pulao (Sweet Saffron Rice Pilaf)

By: Kankana Saxena

Bengali Basanti Pulao, also known as Mishti Pulao (Sweet Pilaf), is a quintessential dish during the celebrations. Bengalis love their rice, be it lunch or dinner. And when it’s party time or a festive celebration, the rice is uplifted to a sunny shade with a trace of sweetness.


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