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Orange Chocolate Cake

KitchenAid India brings you  a tasty recipe by ‘Chef Of The Fortnight’ – Tavi Arora, Owner at Carnations – Dziner Cakes Chocolate Flowers and Packing Studio, Delhi
Dean Koontz once said “Where there is Cake there is Hope, and there is always Cake”


– Whole Eggs: 250gm

– Caster Sugar: 125gm

– Orange Zest: 2nos

– Acacia Honey: 75gm

– Almond Powder: 75gm

– Plain Flour: 120gm

– Cocoa Powder: 25gm

– Baking Powder: 8gm

– Cream: 120gm

– Unsalted Butter: 75gm

– Dark Chocolate 64%: 50gm


– Whisk the whole eggs, sugar and fine orange zest in a KitchenAid mixing bowl, until light.

– Add in the honey, followed by the almond powder, sifted flour, cocoa powder and baking powder, mix well until combine completely.

–  Then add the cream to the mixture.

– Melt the dark chocolate and butter together in a bowl, add one-third of the cake mixture in the chocolate mix and whisk completely to emulsify.

–  Lastly add the emulsified mix in the remaining cake mixture and fold together.

–  Pipe into the desired moulds and rest in the chiller for 2 hours.

–  Bake at 145 degrees for 40 minutes in pre heated oven.

TIP: To keep the cake moist, soak in a syrup with orange & honey straight after baking.

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2 responses to “Orange Chocolate Cake”

  1. Yum yum. Such a delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. priti says:

    The looks lovely..Must be really flavourful.
    One clarification i had. As per the final steps, the batter needs to be refrigerated for 2 hrs (after pouring into the mould) before baking? Why is it done?


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