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Pasta Dough: Lasagna, Fetticini,Tri Coloured Fettucini

Nothing says Italy like its food, and nothing says Italian food like pasta. Pasta is an integrant part of Italy’s Food History. Wherever Italians immigrated they have brought their pasta along,  so much so today it can be considered a staple of international cuisine. We all love Pasta, but a freshly homemade made pasta is more than divine!


– Flour: 1kg
– Egg Whole: 8 to 12 no.
– Water: as required
– Salt: 4 to 5 gm
– Spinach Puree: 50 gm
– Saffron Soaked (0.25 gms soaked in 50 ml of warm water): 50 ml
– Carrot Puree: 50 gm


– In the KitchenAid Stand Mixer, add the Flour and the Salt. Use the Flat beater and start mixing (Speed No. 2).
–  Increase the speed of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer to No. 4. Add the Eggs one by one and incorporate the same.
–  Once the dough starts coming together and leaves the sides of the bowl. Stop the Mixer and remove the dough.
–  Dust the work surface with flour and put the dough on top. Cover and let it rest for 30 minutes.

–  Place the Pasta Roller Attachement into the attachment hub on to the KitchenAid Stand Mixer and screw it in place.
– We shall start sheeting our Pasta Dough at No. 1. Flatten the Dough gently with your hands and then put it into the roller machine.
– Make sure you dust the Pasta Dough with Flour at all times before passing the sheet through the roller.
–  Dust the sheet once again with flour and triple fold the Pasta Sheet and pass it through the Roller once again at No. 1.
– Once you have a relatively smooth sheet, you can start thinning it. Twist the knob around and move it to the next number.
–  Pass the sheet through the roller once again. The Sheet would get further elongated. Dust the Sheet with Flour and keep on the work surface.
– Set the Roller to No. 4 and roll it to the desired thickness. Dust it with flour and keep aside on the work surface for making pasta of your choice.

– Remove the Roller Attachment and attach the Fettucini Cutter Attachment into the attachment hub of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer.
– Take the Pasta Sheet and pass it through the cutter to get Fettucini.
–  Dust it liberally with flour and keep aside.

–  Reduce the Eggs by 2 No. and add the Spinach or Carrot Puree or Soaked Saffron to the dough while kneading in the KitchenAid Stand Mixer.
–  Follow the process as described for making Fettucini.

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