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Radish Chips

Since I received my KitchenAid Mandoline Slicer, I’ve been making veggie chips every week. The effort to make them vs. the reward is just so high. We’ve pretty much stopped buying any chips or munchies from the store because now there is a healthier way to take care of those 5PM hunger pangs.

A few days back I had a couple of radishes lying around in the fridge and after making a radish salad, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the rest. I ended up using the KitchenAid Mandoline Slicer to slice them thinly and oven roasted them for the most amazing, salty, addictive chips. They literally vanished within minutes and I already have another batch baking in the oven. If you’ve never tried veggie chips before, go ahead and start with radish and then make your way through carrots, beetroot and any other root vegetable you can get your hands on!


Prep Time: 10 minutes              Cook Time: 60 minutes

Serves: A bowlful


– KitchenAid Mandoline Slicer



– Red Radishes (If using baby radishes, you’ll need about 15): 6-8 nos.

– Olive Oil: 4 tablespoons

– Salt and Pepper: to taste

Radish Chips-4



– Pre-heat oven to 160C.

– Cut the top and bottom off each radish, and cut the radish into half (about 4 inches).

– Set the Mandoline Slicer to 1/8 and get ready to have some fun while slicing!

Radish Chips-5

–  Slice up all the radishes into thin slices. The natural color looks beautiful, right?

Radish Chips-6

– Toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper and spread them out on baking sheets. Make sure they are not overlapping each other for even baking. (I needed 3 sheets to bake an entire batch.)

Radish Chips-1

– Bake for 50-60 minutes till the radishes are crisp and golden brown.

– Once cool store in an airtight container for up to 4 days.

Radish Chips-2

Recipe Credit: Richa Gupta (My Food Story)

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