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In talks with CHEF MAHESH UPRETI, Executive Pastry Chef, The Lalit, New Delhi


Q: What does cooking mean to you?

– I think that one of the reasons that I first fell in love with cooking was because food is universal yet unique. Different cuisines from different parts of the world bring people together. For me it’s passion to invent something new every day.


Q: Any anecdote he may want to share

– Innovation leads to inventions. Re-inventing yourself is an art that keeps you fresh yet authentic.


Q: Highpoint of your work?

– High point of my career was working as Assistant Pastry Chef at Hyatt Regency


Q: How long have you been cooking?

– 25 years


Q: Where did you train to be a Chef?

– Started at The Hyatt Regency, Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi


Q: Why did you choose to become a chef?

– Our profession has a vast scope for experimentation and modification along with inventing new recipes which itself is highly fascinating and moreover it’s my passion.


Q: How would you describe your ‘Style of Cooking’?

– Modern yet primitive


Q: Which dishes do you like cooking the most?

– Desserts especially deconstructing the classical ones in a modern way


Q: What’s your favorite ingredient to cook? Why?

– Vanilla beans, it is a versatile ingredient which gives a distinct flavor to the dish.


Q: What’s your most interesting/fun time in the kitchen every day?

– Brain storming with my colleagues’ especially young one’s on developing new ideas


Q: What’s the first thing you do when you enter your kitchen for the day?

– Hand wash is the first thing and checking the grooming of my subordinates


Q: Which other chef do you admire?

– Chef Stefen Rimer and Chef Devender Kumar Bungla


Q: Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a chef?

– Get motivated with the challenges and have a hunger for learning always.



Chef Mahesh Upreti, Executive Pastry Chef, The Lalit, New Delhi

With over two and half decades of expertise in bakery, confectionary and dessert preparations, Chef Mahesh Upreti brings his dedicated creative approach and commitment of quality to The Lalit, an upscale five-star property in New Delhi. Acclaimed for his business acumen and dynamism, Chef Upreti holds a Diploma in Bakery & Confectionary and has been trained from some of the leading hotels and restaurants, across the world. His credits are resonated in the confectionaries he creates which meet the highest culinary standards and exhibit bold flavours from some of the finest ingredients used by him. At The Lalit, he is responsible for planning & re-setting of the Bakery & Confectionary Kitchen. He provides rigorous training to all the staff members and encourages them to cultivate professional skills and to offer

At The Lalit, he is responsible for planning & re-setting of the Bakery & Confectionary Kitchen. He provides rigorous training to all the staff members and encourages them to cultivate professional skills and to offer best quality products to their guests. “I believe in developing unique and delectable items in response to the evolving market trends. I aim to maintain highest standards of quality in whatever I produce and ensure consistency in service standards, which I have also inculcated in my team of chefs,” says chef Upreti. Over the course of time, Chef Upreti has worked at some of the best hotels in Delhi and has earned a great reputation in the industry for his unique approach. His guidance and encouragement has made numerous people prosper. A dedicated professional, he is also a people’s person and believes in creating a positive working environment. His ‘thinking out of the box’ attitude encourages him to produce innovative cuisines from different regions and create a unique dining experience for his guests. Chef Mahesh Upreti believes in new and innovative methods of cooking. He constantly reinvents his skills keeping abreast with market trends and is a Chef debonair. The unique setting of sweet preparations at The Lalit New Delhi can be attributed to Chef Upreti….the Executive Pastry Chef. His preparations exhibit bold flavours and make use of unique ingredients.

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