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If you love authentic pasta, then you know that handmade fresh pasta and store bought pastas are miles and miles apart. The soft, silky, melt in the mouth homemade pastas are just out of the world. And guess what? It’s as easy as making rotis or any other basic dish.

The KitchenAid’s PASTA ROLLER & CUTTER SET is a blessing when it comes to pasta making. The Pasta Roller and Cutter Set is an attachment to the iconic KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

Pasta Maker 3

Pasta Maker

The pack contains, the Sheet roller, Fettuccine and Spaghetti Attachment
Though you will have a brochure along with the attachment, here is a visual guide to using the attachment.
Unscrew the knob on top of your Stand Mixer (pic2) . Remove the knob (pic3). Now align the Sheet roller attachment to the slot on the right (pic5). Put the screw back and tighten it.

Collage 1

Collage 2

The Sheet roller attachment has 8 settings for you to decide the thickness of the sheet (pic8). Always start with the lowest number, as there is more spacing for the dough to pass. Passing the dough through this wide space for a couple of times ensures, the dough is kneaded well. Start with a large lemon sized dough. If the dough is right consistency then you will not require any dusting of flour while rolling.

Collage 3

Flatten the dough into 1/4″ rectangle (pic10). Start the stand mixer at the lowest speed (number 1) Insert the dough slowly. Fold the dough once (not more) and pass it again (pic11).
The sheet should look smooth now. If you find that it is tearing, then keep folding it into one fold n keep passing through the widest opening. Once the sheet is smooth, start reducing the space by turning the knob.

– For Fettuccine roll the sheet till number4

– For Spaghetti roll till number 2

– For Lasagne roll till number 3

– For Ravioli roll till number 4

Now remove the roller attachment and attach the Fettuccine or the spaghetti attachment. Pass the rolled sheets through this at the lowest speed (pic13). Collect the pasta carefully (pic 16) and drop it into the boiling water and boil the pasta immediately or let them air dry for later use.

Collage 4

Pasta Maker 1

Detach the attachments and let them air dry for an hour. Once dried, using the brush provided, dust off all the dough and flour that has stuck to it. Now using a tooth pick remove the remaining dough (if needed)

Pasta Maker 4

NEVER USE WATER or DAMP CLOTH or ANY KIND OF WET WIPE, to clean it. Leave it for air drying over night to remove the odor.

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