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I’ve been using the KitchenAid Pro Line Series, 5-Speed Cordless Hand Blender for a year now and while most people look at it as being a luxury, today, I’m going to tell you my honest thoughts about using it over the last one year. Sure, if you use price to define luxury, then yes, this would certainly be a luxury. But ours is mostly a value-conscious society, we look for ‘value for money’ deals more than those at cheaper price points. Almost all of us now have blenders and hand blenders at home, making a hand blender quite indispensable. In a constant struggle for space in a city like Mumbai, I know friends who have managed to do away with the traditional blender in favor of hand blenders to save on counter space.

What a brilliant idea, though I’m not one to do away with the traditional jar blenders, but I really can’t do away with a hand blender either! Remember when I made this Pesto Sauce? I mean, sure you can use anything to blend a sauce together, but you’re unlikely to get this sort of ‘chopped’ texture to your pesto sauce in a regular blender. Take this from a Pesto enthusiast, I’ve been experimenting with Pesto since I was in college (don’t you go trying to calculate my age now!), and had never been able to achieve this sort of look that only a pestle and mortar could give you. But really, do any of us genuinely have the time to use a pestle and mortar?

leaves and oil added-1

Leaves and oil

Remember the Dulce de leche Ice cream I made last summer? I did so many trials of the recipe, tinkering with proportions, trying to get the texture and sweetness right – yes this is the sort of behind-the-scenes stuff that you rarely get to know. I didn’t always use the stand mixer for my trials, the whisk attachment of the hand blender is all I used sometimes. It’s powerful enough to whip up the cream in a jiffy even in the sweltering summer when the odds are stacked heavily against it.

beetroot pureed-1

Beetroot pureed

Speaking of things that happen behind-the-scenes, you probably don’t know of the time way before I laid my hands on the KitchenAid Hand Blender when I was shooting a recipe for my YouTube channel and the hand blender just stopped working. Mid-shoot, my Producer had to arrange for another. The sad part? The replacement didn’t last too long either. My Mom and friends tell me that they’ve had the same sort of luck. But each time they went back to buying the cheaper options in the market. To be fair, sometimes that is all that was available to them. But for those around me who have seen this in use, and this includes my crew that shoots videos with me, they can’t help but gawk at it.

chopping up nuts and garlic-1

Chopping soaked nuts and garlic

I’m not really one to wax eloquent about products, but this is one I really see making a difference to the way I cook for the past year. It’s powerful, not bulky, reliable and above all – cordless! You might wonder whether the last bit makes any difference at all, I only have this to say – it’s the sort of freedom you’ll appreciate only once you’ve used it. Until then, all this might seem frivolous. Me? I’m just relieved that I’m not frustrated with such a handy tool in the kitchen anymore!

whipping cream with the whisk attachment (1 of 1)

Whipping cream

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  1. Rose Welsh says:

    I definitely like the look of this blender. Can you get a cheaper one that is also cordless that you would recommend?

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