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Strawberry Kheer

Strawberry kheer

Kheer is one of most popular sweet made in every Indian household during any festivals or parties. Kheer is basically pudding of rice cooked in full cream milk, seasoned and garnished with dry fruits. How exciting it would be to make kheer at home with a contemporary twist?? Yes, one such recipe with a twist which can be made easily at home without any fuss is Strawberry Kheer. This colourful delicious beauty can be served in any parties or festivals. It tastes best when chilled. The most ideal part of this kheer is that sauce can be prepared a day ahead and assembled while serving.


Serving :7-8

Preparation time: 70 minutes



– 1 cup, strawberries, chopped

– 5 cups, full cream milk

– 1/4 cup, rice, washed and soaked for 15 to 20 mins

– 2/3 cup, sugar, you may add more if more sweet preferred

– 2 teaspoon, cardamom powder

– Chopped dry fruits and sliced strawberries for garnish



– In a heavy bottom pan, add strawberries, sugar and 1/4th cup of water. Bring it to boil, simmer until it reaches thick sauce consistency. Reserve.


Strawberry kheer recipe

Strawberry kheer making
– In another heavy deep bottom pan, add 4 cups of milk. Put it on the heat and bring it to a boil.

Strawberry kheer making method
– Once it starts boiling, add rice and mix well. Simmer until it reduces to 3/4th of its original quantity, the rices gets cooked and kheer gets thick.


– Add half of the prepared strawberry sauce and cardamom powder. Mix well. Simmer the kheer for another 2 to 3 mins.

strawberry sauce and cardamom powder
– Take it off the heat and cool completely.

– Refrigerate the kheer until you want to serve.

– While serving pour the kheer into serving bowls, top it with the spoonfull of remaining strawberry sauce in each serving bowl.

– Garnish with few slices of strawberries along with some chopped dry fruits.

strawberries along with chopped dry fruits

– Serve chilled

Strawberry kheer

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