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Diwali Offers

Succulent Chicken breast cafreal stuffed with fiery Prawn Balchao

Recipe by our Chef of the Fortnight: Kapil Muchandi


– Chicken breast with skin: 1
– Medium cleaned prawns: 150 gm
– Chopped onion: 100 gm
– Crushed garlic: 20 gm
– Grated ginger: 10 gm
– boiled potato: 1
– Capsicum: 1
– Oil: 30 ml
– Salt to taste

For Cafreal masala
– Green Chillies: 2
– Coriander leaves: 50 gm
– Mint leaves: 20 gm
– Ginger: 20 gm
– Flakes of Garlic: 6-7
– Poppy seeds: 1 tea spoon
– Peppercorns: 7
– Cinnamon: 1 Small piece
– Cumin: 1 Tablespoon
– Cloves: 3-4
– Turmeric: 1/4 Teaspoon
– Goan toddy vinegar: 30 ml
– Salt to taste

For Balchao Masala
– Kashmiri Chillies: 10
– Ginger: 20 gm
– Flakes Garlic: 6-7
– Cumin: 1 Teaspoon
– Cinnamon: 1 small piece
– Cloves: 3-4
– Turmeric powder: 1/2 Teaspoon
– Sugar: 1 tablespoon
– Goan toddy Vinegar:  100 ml (around)
– Salt to taste


Method for Cafreal Masala
Lightly dry roast the dry spices individually. Place all the ingredients for masala in KitchenAid Diamond Blender and blend it to fine paste

Method for Balchao Masala
Soak red chilies overnight in vinegar and drain the chilies. Dry roast cumin, cloves and cinnamon. In Mixer jar add the soaked chilies, dry roasted spices, sugar, turmeric, ginger and garlic. Blend it in KitchenAid Diamond Blender into fine paste.

– Heat oil in heavy metal pan, add garlic once it turns slightly brown add ginger and onion.

– Once the onion turns golden brown add the prawns. Slightly under cook the prawns and add the balchao masala. Season it and keep it aside. Note that you don’t overcook the prawns

– Now carefully make an incretion to chicken breast with a sharp knife starting from top.

– Stuff the prawn balchao in the chicken breast. Rub the chicken with salt, garlic and cafreal masala.

– Rest it for two hours. Heat oil in heavy metal pan, place chicken skin side down first. Sear it on both sides.

– Cook it in preheated oven at 180degree Celsius. Toss the potatoes and capsicum in cafreal masala.

– Once chicken is cooked, place it on chopping board and cut it an angle. Serve it along with tossed potatoes and capsicum.


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