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Verusca Walker: International Guest Teacher and 3D Cake Artist

Verusca believes: There is no limit for your imagination. Everything is possible! As long as you have a good structure to support your cake.

Verusca Walker is an International Guest Teacher and 3D Cake Artist, famous for her 3D KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cake, recently took a Masterclass in Mumbai which was full of fun, cakes and cheers!


Walker is a Brazilian by birth and an artist by heart, as well as profession. She has been living in Australia for the past 15 years and has travelled all around the world to help people understand and learn the art of making 3D and Gravity Defying Cakes. Her cakes have fantastic décor full of sparkle and it’s life like stature makes them one in a million.

Verusca has a background in Fine Arts and Bakery, hence she  uses her knowledge of fine arts for mixing mediums that help her to achieve such brilliant pieces of art, that we not only relish with our taste buds but also our eyes!

When asked how did she find her passion and calling for making such breathtaking cakes, she says “I was studying Fine Arts with major in sculpture and photography and for my daughter’s 1st birthday I made a sculptured cake, shaped like Noah’s Ark. Never stopped since!”

Coming from Brazil to Australia, Verusca had her share of hardships due to a drastic language barrier. Being an optimistic and enthusiastic person, she tells us. “Until this day, life has always challenged me …. but I could not be more grateful and fulfilled. I do what I love and people appreciate what I do. So I can only say… Thank you to my followers and my sponsors.”

Verusca Walker is a self-made woman, who has been in this delicious profession for the past 10 years, and has over 50,000 followers on Facebook. She has been very successful in touching people’s hearts all over the globe with her blog, online classes and her Youtube channel, which she handles on her own. Verusca has been featured in numerous magazines, radio shows, television shows, blogs and online articles in the world.

If this was not enough for you to fall in love with her and her talent, she even won the Lifestyle Food Cake Challenge 2014, and the Artist and Lead Architect of the 2014 Life Size Wedding Cake Chapel, featured at the Melbourne Cake Bake & Sweets Show 2014 – where a couple won a competition to be married inside it!!


Who says your profession can not be yummy!

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