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COLOURS – decoded at the KITCHENAID studio

Colour adds magnificence and splendour to our world. Colour is a powerful tool and the first perception of any image is based on its colours. The crimson sunset, the alluring snow clad mountain peaks, the deep green of the jungles, the golden sands of the beach, the beautiful blues of the ocean, the resplendent coral reefs all leave us spellbound and each of them is majestic in its own way.

KitchenAid celebrates colour by giving expression to it in the form of its iconic colour palette with over 70 timeless colours in our portfolio of small appliances. Our products define your personality by the colour you choose for your kitchen counter. It is an expression of your individuality, your style and your way of life. At KitchenAid, we form our impressions very carefully and draw inspiration from the brilliant hues of nature, the wide spectrum of colours from every culture, the trending colours in the fashion industry and other infinite options to create the fascinating array of colours for our innumerable products. Colour is that bond which creates the instant connect with our consumer.

The Art and Science of Colour Selection

At KitchenAid, we create purposeful products that help you enjoy life. While you are mastering the culinary arts, we are working tirelessly to create an exceptional design – like our stand mixer – that makes kitchen work easier for you.

One of the most important decisions you make when buying a KitchenAid stand mixer is about a primary feature: colour. The right colour conveys an image, sets a mood, and defines a style. It brings life and optimism into your kitchen. It dresses up your countertop. It is as personal as the accent pillows that decorate your sofa. You choose a colour that resonates with your personality. After all, you may be passing your stand mixer down to your grandchildren.

Whether your stand mixer is a design icon, family heirloom, or simply a product that makes kitchen work easier, it offers KitchenAid designers the perfect canvas for mastering the art and science of colour selection.

 It Starts with Inspiration

Our global Colour, Finish, & Material (CFM) Design Studio is a team of 10 well – rounded designers situated in the U.S, Mexico, Brazil, India and China. Their job is to create new captivating colours and finishes. They follow a Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver process that begins by drawing inspiration from trends happening around the world.


A year or two before production, our designers are analyzing colour trends among sources such as socio – cultural influences, trade shows, art, travel, fashion, consumer electronics, lighting, and home design – right down to the details of hardware fixtures and finishes.


They create a trend book filled with inspiration – how people cook, materials and products from different industries, and other ideas to determine what colours look good on our products. They also consider the environment in which products live – like the kitchen – now and in the future. Even for mainstay colors, undertones can change through the years.

For example, for 2015 they have observed that warm metals of all shades expressing sophistication – gold, copper and rose gold – are gaining traction in home accessories, designer lighting, home furnishing, fixtures, fashion, and consumer electronics.


For at least a decade, the natural trend has been reflected in greens and blues, which have also influenced undertones and metal finishes. While shades of green evoking Asian beaches, jade artifacts, and lush rain forests have been dominant, colour trends are currently entering a more adventurous blue phase with shades ranging from deep navy to luminous shades and aquatic hues across industries.


Red and orange are perennial favourite accent colours, with red evoking images from Chinese New Year and Szechuan cuisine, or the kumkum (red holy powder) that

Indians apply to their foreheads during puja (worship). Pink remains a classic and timeless colour, with pastels still popular in northern Asian attire.

Our designers analyze these trends and find where they intersect with other key drivers across the regions of the globe: brand and product image, business strategy, trade partner communication, and manufacturing – all the while infusing inspiration and creativity to bridge an emotional connection between our products and our customers. After all, culinary arts are creative, emotional and rejuvenating pursuits that people experience in different ways.

A Global Palette

We work hard to connect our customers through trend analysis and brand strategy to create the appropriate colours, finishes, and materials for our customers’ evolving needs, tastes, and insights. The KitchenAid global palette is an expansive array from which we tailor our regional colours.

For example, take the crisp, fresh, rejuvenating hue of Green Apple that reflects people’s concern with their health and well-being. Green apple directly connects to the bowl of fruit on the counter top or fresh vegetables from the market. It is a universally adaptable and adored accent colour, bringing a pop of nature indoors. Green has been a perennial favourite interior colour seen in furnishing, accents, table tops, and accessories.

Consider the delicious, energetic Tangerine, a lively colour that performs well as an accent, too. An alternative to red, Tangerine lends a casual mood to kitchens. It is a stable favourite for interior accents because it harmonizes so well with warm colours and neutral wood colours. Youthful and lively, Tangerine works equally well in transitional and traditional environments.


Regionally, KitchenAid mainstay colours are different. For example, in India, they are brighter, glossier, and more feminine, highlighting hues of deep red, pink, pearly white, and orange.


Some colour trends take a strong hold and need to be combined with other colours to reside in harmony. As the world gets smaller, trends in colour follow suit, revealing that the human desire for expression through colour connects us all.

Finding the Right Solution

Our products are built to last and that is the reason we look for colours that are timeless from one generation to the next. Our colour solutions are very calculated because designers must consider many elements when proposing colours. In many cases, there are technical limitations to the application of a particular colour, material, or finish. Designers must understand these parameters and work with the technical team to ensure the best quality in application.


Our goal at KitchenAid is to find what is right for the consumer, right for the retailer, and right for the brand.


In production, the design team’s vision is executed through a powdercoat process applied in our factory that reveals the richness and depth of the colour as well as the durability of the finish.


Working from concept creation to implementation, our designers collaborate with process partners to create a final product that connects with you. It is both an art and a science.


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